Providing sustainable solutions for both people and the planet.


We're improving lives through biotech and food by developing innovative, forward-thinking products and technology. Whether it's better health, or creating a more sustainable food system, we're committed to delivering real value.

Botanical Ingredients

We bring you ethically extracted botanical ingredients with both medicinal and aromatic qualities. Our field experts adopt rigorous research methods to constantly deliver consistent, high-quality products such as gloriosa and senna.


Botanical Extracts

We carry out extensive research to retrieve a wide variety of botanical extracts including turmeric, flame lily and ashwagandha. Owing to an abundance of nutrients, minerals and antioxidants, these botanical extracts can be utilized for herbal remedies.​


All the botanical ingredients and extracts are cultivated on our privately owned farm to preserve crop yield and quality. We employ a rural workforce, 80% of whom are women workers who adhere to strict protocols and accurate agricultural practices to grow premium quality products.


Food Ingredients​

Our desire to see an organic and sustainable food community for all of our consumers has driven us to cultivate and trade various agro-food products, like cereals, organic spices, coffee beans, and more. All our wholesale food ingredients are processed with the highest food industry standards in mind.

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